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Characteristic of sensitive skin-:

  • Easily get allergies
  • Skin turns red itchy after using chemical based product
  • Get pimples or boil after using makeup
  • Get effected with sun, pollution and in changing weather


This type of skin needs extra care as it easily gets effected by any thing mentioned above. We should not use chemical base product to treat this type of skin. Organic products are best suitable for this type of skin as they do not have harmful chemical in it. People with sensitive skin should use umbrella in a sunny day and should apply a good sunscreen (more than SPF 50 before) going out in day time. If you want to apply makeup then you should use a good quality face primer before applying any makeup. It would work as safety layer and will protect your skin so that it can not absorb the harmful chemical used in makeup products.

Sensitive skin care before makeup/CTM 

    • Cleansing- People with sensitive skin should consult with their doctor that which product they can use as per their skin issues. If you are not very sensitive then you can go for any mild face wash/lotion to clean your face two times in a day before sleep and early in the morning as you woke up or take shower. I would recommend Cetaphil Gentle skin cleanser which is easily available on amazon.
    • Toning- Just after cleaning your face use skin toner to maintain the pH of your skin. Wet your face completely with the toner and let it dry. Always use natural product which has less chemical.
    • Moisturizer- After toning use a suitable moisturizer or serum for your skin (suggested by doctor). If you are not very sensitive to the product then you can use any organic brand like Khadi, Blossom Kochar, Plum, Himalya etc.

Always use a primer before putting any makeup on your face and use sunscreen above SPF 50 before going out in a sunny day.

Note: If you find any sensitivity, itching, burning sensation, redness on your skin after putting makeup or certain product on your skin, immediately contact to your skin doctor/dermatologist.

Like I always said use organic products only and please follow the CTM/Skin regime/daily skin care to get healthy glowing skin.

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Sensitive skin care - Glamakeup4U

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