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       Combination skin Care (CTM)


Characteristic of combination skin-:

  • Oily on T zone area (forehead, bridge of nose and chin)
  • Dry on cheeks

We need to be more cautious about this type of skin because it is the combination of two skin types (oily and dry). Dry skin care As we already mentioned that this type of skin would be oily on T zone and dry on other area. We have to be very careful while choosing product for these type of skin as we can not use cream based product on T zone area because it is oily and vice versa. Oily skin care Lets discuss combination skin care or what should be the daily regime for healthy combination skin.

 Combination skin care before makeup/CTM 

  • Cleansing-    Wash your face twice in a day early in the morning and before bed with a face wash which is only made for combination skin because it would be very tough to use two face wash at the same time one for t zone area and other for rest area. There are so many organic face wash which are made only for combination skin. I would recommend and suggest Aroma Magic Turmeric Cleanser  and Plum Chamomile & White Tea Skin Revival Face Wash made for combination skin.

  • Toning-  Just after washing your face with face wash use toner will help to maintain the pH of skin and will keep your skin hydrated and fresh.

  • Moisturizing –  Let the toner dry on your face the use a moisturizer for combination skin. You can use Neutrogena Oil free moisturizer which is best for combination skin and dermatological tested.

You can buy a whole kit for Combination skin care

The product which I mentioned above are Organic product and easily available on different websites in best prices. They do not have any side effects as they free from harmful chemical. I always recommend to use organic product like Aroma magic, Plum, Indulgeo, Kama, Khadi etc. Follow this regime to keep your skin healthy and glowing

Stay tuned for my next post for Sensitive skin care


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