Must have makeup products in your kit

Essential makeup products   Today we are going to discuss the importance of choosing right makeup products as per your skin type. There are so many products in the market these days and people easily get confuse what to choose and what to ignore. As we already...

Must have makeup brushes in your kit

Essential Makeup Brushes Makeup Brushes play an important role in makeup artistry. These are weapon of a makeup artist. If you are investing a good amount on your makeup products but your brushes are not of good quality then you would not achieve the flawless desired...

Oily skin care

Oily skin care Routine (CTM)   Characteristics of oily skin Excess oil on face Shiny or greasy appearance Prone to get pimples/acne Clogged and enlarged pores These are basic characteristics of oily skin. As we already discuss in our previous topic Different...

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